Liabilities code for public passengers


  1. Are obliged to purchase a ticket when boarding the bus and are required to keep the ticket throughout the journey and in the case of inspection.


  1. Beneficiaries of reduced ticket fares, must show, both to the driver and during inspection, the document proving their entitlement to reduced fares.


  1. Monthly tickets or free fare cards holders, must carry with them their ticket/card at all times and are obliged to show it to the driver and also during inspection.
  2. Must be courteous and cooperate with the Company’s personnel (inspectors, drivers, etc).


  1. Must signal in advance their intention of boarding the bus or disembarking and must ensure their safe boarding, stay and exit from the bus.


  1. Should offer other passengers (pregnant women, parents with small children, elderly, etc.) their seat, especially the designated ones for this purpose.


  1. Are not allowed to carry drugs, weapons, explosive materials, illegal or dangerous items or substances for the safety of the other passengers within the bus.


  1. Must enter the bus with decent clothing and without creating cleanliness problems therein.
  2. Are not permitted to smoke in the bus and must behave or act in such a way so as to not interfere in any way other bus passengers.


  1. Are forbidden to vandalize or to damage any part of the bus or other establishment owned by EMEL.


  1. EMEL bears no responsibility for public passengers violating legislations, regulations, and the company policy.